Delivering Lighting Products
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J&L Consulting brings the latest LED lighting technology to your customers. Our partnerships with global manufaturers and distributers allow you to offer a large range of products through one contact


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Our Mission

Our Products

J&L Consulting works tirelessly to bring new products and technologies from our suppliers to our customers. We maintain the highest level of customer service by focusing on individual attention.

  • LED Incandecent Replacement
  • LED fluorescent
  • LED Low Voltage
  • Decrative LED Fixtures
  • Down Light Replacemnt
  • Automotive
  • Commercial Outdoor LED
  • and more

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Phone: 330-289-8110

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Client Quotes:
J&L Consulting connected us with the manufacturing resorces we needed to move forward with expansion of our product offersing. We have opend a whole new line of products through this relationship.
- Jeff